Reasons To Invest In A Whole Home Electrical Suppressor

Electricity over surge in a house may lead to disastrous outcomes. It may destroy many electrical devices which may result into unplanned for expenses repairing or replacing these devices. You may eliminate the chances of this happening by installing one surge protector for your whole home. This regulates the amount of electricity coming into your home and thus there will be minimal chances of an over surge in the house.

Every home requires a whole home electrical suppressor for the following reasons. There are numerous electrical appliances with circuit boards. These can be easily destroyed by an electrical over surge from the main power line. To protect all these devices from being destroyed, you will need to install a whole home electrical suppressor.

Most electrical surges in a home are internally generated. This means that the negligible surges that our electrical devices introduce into the system build over time. This causes degradation of the efficiency of these devices. This means that devices that would have lasted for several decades will last much shorter. To prevent this, you will require a whole home electrical suppressor.

Perhaps some of your devices may share an electric socket. This means that a surge by one of the devices will negatively affect all those devices. This can be prevented by layering the surge protector. The layering will be two-leveled: one at the sockets or any other point of service and at the electric service level to protect the whole home. This prevents other devices from being affected by a surge produced by another since not all devices are responsible for the surges we are talking about.

Now, some may ask why you may require a whole house suppressor when the electrical surges are only produced by a few devices. The reason is that even if the devices introduce the surge to the circuit, this surge will not just affect that device, it will affect everything electronic in the circuit. This means that you may be experiencing damaged equipment once in a while. Therefore, in order to reduce this, you should install the whole house electrical suppressor.

Electrical surges may even lead to electrical shocks to people in the house especially when running hot water showers or sinks. This may affect their general health in the long run. It is very important to ensure that your home’s electrical devices are protected from harm. For any questions, clarification or any other HVAC need, contact us.

Is Your HVAC System Protected From Power Surges?

Although many consider it a luxury, your home’s HVAC system is a modern convenience and a comfort. It keeps your home at just the right temperature, no matter the season, so anyone who enters can be comfortable. You probably know that from time to time this system needs repairs and HVAC maintenance, but do you know that it needs power surge protection? Many homeowners worry about protecting their printers, computers, and televisions from power surges, but fail to protect an even more expensive and valuable item; their HVAC system. For an HVAC system, damage from lightning or an electric surge can be quite expensive.

Home Power Surge Protection
Power surges can be caused by storms, lightning, repair work on power lines, accidents, and even from appliances in the home. Electrical power surges can affect nearly every electrical piece of equipment in your home; from your coffee maker to your computer, your doorbell to your television, your HVAC system to your hot water heater. Nothing is safe from a power surge. To protect smaller items, some homeowners purchase specialized outlets or even power strips that promise to protect against electrical power surges. However, most homeowners do not think to protect their home utilities, such as their boiler, furnace, air conditioning unit, and HVAC system. This can be a very costly mistake.

Protect Your Home Utilities
The warranty on your HVAC system does not generally cover any damages or repairs needed due to a power surge or lightning strike. In some circumstances, your homeowners insurance will cover it. However, it is your responsibility to prove that is what caused your HVAC system to malfunction.

Protection is always the best answer when it comes to large investments, such as your HVAC system. Call your trusted HVAC contractor today to discover how you can protect your home utilities. A full house power surge protector will be your best answer to protecting as much as possible against an electrical surge. Your HVAC contractor can offer the best solutions to protecting your HVAC system and avoiding the consequences of not being protected during an electrical power surge.