How Air Conditioners Work: Phase Conversion And Phase Transition

How does air conditioning work

The main job that an air conditioner performs is to cool the interior air. The system performs this following the principle of phase conversion where a liquid is converted into a gaseous state, thereby absorbing the heat and cooling the surrounding air.

The air conditioners use a spiral coil filled with refrigerants which are liquids with compounds that force the air that comes in contact into them to convert into gas. The interior air enters the system and is fanned over the evaporator coil by a special fan attached to the system. As the liquid turns into gas, it takes off the heat off the air and the outgoing air that is released into the atmosphere is cooler and more fresh. AC systems also use a humidifier which absorbs the moisture off the air and thereby absorbing some part of the heat, too.

However, a humidifier is not part of the central function of an AC, one of which is the phase conversion process just described above. The other end of the process involves turning the gas back into liquid again, so that the cycle can continue uninterrupted. This process is called phase transition. The component that plays the main part in this process is called compressor. This is an electric pump which uses high pressure to convert gas into liquid. The heat generated as part of this process is vented through a duct system into the outside air, so that the indoor air does not get affected by it anyway.

In the central air conditioning system, the compressor and the condenser are fitted into a separate unit which is installed outdoors. However, in the case of window systems the compressor section is fitted towards the outside while the evaporator and the coil part lies at the front of the system so that the cooled air can directly go back indoors.

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