Troubleshooting Your Central Air Conditioning Unit

With summer just on the horizon, many homeowners are looking into different ways to keep their homes cool and comfortable for the warmer weather ahead. Among the numerous things that homeowners are doing is fixing up their central air conditioner to make sure that it is working well. However, older units may experience problems, and even newer ones may need to be checked every now and then in order to guarantee their smooth operation. If you notice that your system is not cooling as well as it could be, you may want to look into these troubleshooting steps before calling a repair technician to look into the problem. More often than not, you will be able to save money on your utilities bill simply by looking over your unit and inspecting typical trouble areas.

The process begins by turning the unit on and checking thermostat settings to make sure that it is set low. Set your unit to sixty five degrees and sit back for fifteen minutes. After you wait, check and see if your room feels different. The working air conditioner should cool your room immediately. If you feel as though the temperature did not change at all, or if it had even risen, then you will need to proceed further to diagnose the problem.

Sometimes the fan may be the culprit. With the unit still on, step out of your house and inspect it from the outside. You should notice where the fan is and be able to easily inspect it to see if the fan is moving. If it is not moving, then the problem may be with the motor or another mechanical component.

However, if you can see that the fan is moving, it is important to return home to inspect the thermostat, as the problem may be there. Determine if the room feels cooler than what the reading says. If this is the case, then you may have a broken thermostat on your hands, which means that you will need to speak with the appropriate experts in order to have the necessary repairs done to get the device working again.

However, if the thermostat reads correctly, then the problem may be that your central air conditioner needs charged. In order to make sure that this is the case, simply put your hands in front of the vents that guide cool air into your house and see what you feel. If you feel warm air entering your home, then you will need to have the air conditioner freon charged. A trained specialist will be able to have your air conditioner working like new again, while providing you with valuable tips on how you can better work with the unit in the future.