Implement A Smart Summer Energy Savings Plan

Air conditioning can really break the family budget in the summertime. It uses a great deal of a house’s total energy consumption and thus is responsible for a large percentage of your home electricity costs. Yet air conditioning keeps your home cool and comfortable so it is worth the extra expense. The solution is to find ways to use your A/C system in the most effective manner to achieve cool air along with systematic energy savings.
Make sure your home is air tight so that the air conditioner is not blowing out extra cold air that is leaking into the yard, making the unit work harder and longer than it should have to for the house to cool. Caulk your windows to seal them and replace old weather stripping around your outside doors. Check your attic space for any potential air leaks and seal them. If it is not insulated, do it now with R-30 rated insulation. Check your crawl space or foundation wall for cracks or holes allowing air leakage and caulk or plug them.

Inside the home, have a certified HVAC technician do a maintenance checkup on your system before summer starts. This will assure that your unit is in good working order and does not need any parts replaced or repaired. Clean or replace dirty filters then check them monthly so your unit operates at peak efficiency all summer. A/C units functioning as they should use less energy. Keep the return air vent inside your home free of blockages so air circulates through the system properly.

Another big energy saving help for your A/C is running ceiling fans along with it. This enables you to set the thermostat up as much as twelve degrees and still maintain the level of coolness you prefer. That saves a great deal of money. Other tips for your Summer Energy Savings list include swapping out your incandescent light bulbs for new compact fluorescent bulbs and waiting until the evening hours to use your heat creating appliances. Finally, call to learn how energy efficient HVAC system replacement saves more money in energy savings during the summer as part of your HVAC Energy Savings Home Energy Savings.