Winterize Your Home And Lower Your Heating Bills

With the rising costs of heating, taking some time to winterize your home and ensure maximum energy efficiency is certainly important. Fortunately, homeowners who want to lower their monthly utility bills can take advantage of some energy saving tips to help them keep heating costs as low as possible. A few preventative measures before the start of the heating season can pay off in monthly savings all winter long.

The importance of a good quality heating system is something that every homeowner should consider. Regardless of what type of heating system you have, you can maximize its energy efficiency by scheduling a professional heater maintenance. A professional HVAC service will be able to provide quality heater maintenance that can help improve efficiency and overall operation. Additionally, a professional heating service can handle repairs, as well as a new heater installation. In fact, you currently have an older furnace or heat pump, a new heater installation can often provide a significant savings with its increased energy efficiency.

If you have a home with drafts, you might be tempted to turn up the thermostat in order to feel warm; however, taking care of the drafts is the best way to keep your home energy efficient for maximum savings. Doors are often a culprit for drafts, but they are also the easiest to fix. You can purchase a simple kit to seal the door frame, but even a rolled up towel kept around the base of the door can provide an excellent seal against heat loss and drafts.

A simple, inexpensive measure to increase heating efficiency can be as easy as changing your furnace filters. A furnace that has clogged or dirty air filters will need to work much harder to provide the heat your family needs. With a clean filter, your furnace will be able to operate more efficiently, which in turn lowers your heating bills.

If you have ceiling fans, you probably only use them to keep your home cool during the summer; however, most ceiling fans have a switch that will allow them to run in reverse. As warm air rises, a ceiling fan that is turning in a clock-wise direction can help push the rising warm air back down where you need it the most.

Hand setting digital thermostat

Another easy way to reduce heating costs is to turn down your thermostat when you leave. While this simple step can help save you money, it can be easy to forget. Fortunately, a programmable thermostat makes it easy to save money by allowing you to program your heating system to automatically keep your home cooler during times when there is no one home.